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Standard series
Airius Standard series
  • All models in the Standard Series range feature a standalone destratification fan (axial turbine) powered by highly energy efficient EBM Papst motors, which are suspended just below ceiling height in your building. This series is suitable for buildings with a ceiling height of 2.5 metres, right up to 31 metres.
  • From the short Model 10 to the Model 100, the Standard Series range is capable of equalising between 60 and 220 square metres of floor area.
  • All products in the Standard Series are supplied in an off-white colour.
  • We have the facilities to custom paint your destratification fans to match any RAL colour code.
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Designer series
Airius Designer series
  • The Airius Designer Series shares many similarities to our Standard Series and will provide your building with all of the same benefits and functions. However, models from the Designer Series are enclosed in a powder coated aluminium cylindrical housing and are perfectly suited to architecturally sensitive installations.
  • All models in the Designer Series operate in exactly the same manner as models from the Standard Series.
  •  We can customise the Designer Series with motor and control options to suit your destratification requirements, as well as custom paint the units to match any RAL colour code.
  • Suitable for installation in properties with ceiling heights ranging from 2.5 metres, right up to 38 metres high.
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Suspended series
Airius Suspended series
  • The Airius Suspended Series is an additional piece of equipment that houses an Airius Standard Series destratification fan and is designed to capture wasted heat from just below the ceiling before it escapes into the void above. Suitable for buildings with a ceiling height of 2.5 metres up to 12 metres, the Suspended Series is simple to install meeting standard European ceiling grid dimensions (600mm x 600mm) and is easily adaptable to changing floor plans.
  • To accommodate the Suspended Series and allow working space for installation we recommend a minimum ceiling void of 400mm, however customers have been able to install the Suspended Series into a void as little as 300mm.
  • Suspended Series are available in off-white or can also be custom painted to match any RAL colour code.
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